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American Vs. Jamaican

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American: Porch
Jamaican: Varanda

American: Bathe, Shower
Jamaican: Bade, Hol' A Fresh

American: Collard Greens, Spinach
Jamaican: Callaloo

American: Stick Shift (Car)
Jamaican: Standard

American: Charge It
Jamaican: Trus' It

American: Can You Give Me A Lift To The Corner
Jamaican: Beg Yu A Ride Go Dung Di Street Noh Sah

American: Oh My God!
Jamaican: Lawd A Mercy

American: Excuse Me
Jamaican: Beg Yu Pardon

American: "You Wanna Fight?", Or "You Want A Piece Of Me"
Jamaican: "Touch A Button!" "Touch A Button"

American: Where Are You Going?
Jamaican: Weh Yuh Deh Go?

American: Excuse Me
Jamaican: Gi Mi Pass

American: Sorry
Jamaican: Hush

American: The Shoes Is A Little Tight
Jamaican: Lawd Di Boot A Bun Mi

American: Oh Stop It You're Killing Me
Jamaican: Lawd Ma Top Eh Man Yuh A Go Kill Me

American: I Do Not Practice Oral Sex
Jamaican: Mi Nuh Bow!!!

American: Look There!
Jamaican: Koo Deh

American: "Whatever"
Jamaican: "Man, Yuh Backside Yah Man"

American: Your Mother Is So Ugly...
Jamaican: Yuh Mumma Ugly Lakka Mi Nuh Know Wha...

American: Perm Hair
Jamaican: Cream Head

American: 10:Pm, 10:30, 15 Of 10
Jamaican: 10 A'clack, Half Pass 10, Quarta To 10

American: Attention Deficit
Jamaican: Hard Ears!

American: Dyslectic
Jamaican: Dunce Bat!

American: 4x 4 Truck
Jamaican: Van

American: Open The Hood
Jamaican: Fly Di Bonnet

American: Fly Guy
Jamaican: Cha-Cha Bwaay

American: Can I Have A Loose Paper
Jamaican: Beg Yuh A Folder Leaf

American: Pants Leg
Jamaican: Trousers Foot

American: Freeze Ice
Jamaican: Kisko-Pop

American: Dynatap, Theraflu, Robotussin, Midol, Tyenol
Jamaican: Mint Tea

American: Close The Cupboard
Jamaican: Shet Di Cabinet

American: Shooping Cart
Jamaican: Trolley

American: I Am Going To The Movies
Jamaican: Mi A Goh A Show

American: I Really Do Like You
Jamaican: Yow Baby! Mi Check Fi Yuh Bad Yuh Noh Star!

American: You Mean That Really Sexy Girl From Out Of Town?
Jamaican: You Mean Dah Strang Bady Gyal Deh From Country?

American: Homosexual/Lebsbian
Jamaican: Batty Bwoy/Natty Gyal

American: Birth Certificate
Jamaican: Bert Cer-Fi-Ticket

American: That Happened By Chance
Jamaican: A Buck Up Dat, A Buck Up!

American: Viagra
Jamaican: One Guiness, One Stick A Weed, One Bowl A Peanut Parriage, Or Simply A Piece A "Stone"

American: He Is Impotent
Jamaican: A Ole Wutless Bwoy, Yuh Nuh si seh him nuh have nuh use?


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