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QUIZ TIME! Complete These Jamaican Proverbs

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Only a true Jamaican or someone who has spent a lot of time around Jamaicans or studying Jamaica would be able to complete these popular Jamaican proverbs. Try your hand, see if you can fill in the blanks (Answers at the bottom).

1. "One, one coco ____ basket"

2. "Every mikkle ____ a mukkle"

3. "Wat doan ____, will fatten"

4. "Chicken merry, _____ deh near"

5. "Every dawg has his day and every puss his ___ o'clock" and cock mouth ____ cock

6. "Wanti, wanti, cyan getti, getti, getti nuh _____" Also "silent rivah run deep" and "No mug no bruk, no coffee nuh dash wey"

7. "Sorry fi mawga dog, mawga dog wi tun round and ____ you"

8. "Duppy know ___ fi frighten"

9. "See mi a one thing, come lib with me ________"

10. "De olda de clock, de ______ it wine"

11. "When coco ripe, it mus ____"

12. "Hog say, 'de first dutty water mi ______, mi wash'."

13. "One eye man king in ______ man country".

14. "Fool-fool pickney mek fowl _____ away from him two time"

15. "Nuh fatten cockroach fi _____"

16. "Saltfish sit down pon di _______ a wait fi bread and butter"

17. "Mi old, but mi nuh _____"

18. "Disobedient pickney _____ rockstone"

19. "Dawg say if him have money him would buy him own ______"

20. "Talk and ______ your tongue"

1. full. 2. mek. 3. kill. 4. hawk. 5. four 6. wanti. 7. bite. 8. who. 9. another. 10. faster.
11. bus 12. ketch 13. blind 14. get 15. fowl. 16. counter. 17. cold. 18. nyam. 19. fleas. 20. taste.


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