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The Dunn's River Genie

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A woman was walking along the banks of Dunn's River Falls when she stumbled upon an old empty bottle. She picked it up and rubbed it, and lo-and- behold a Genie appeared. She talked with him awhile, then the Genie told her he would grant her ONE wish.

She said she heard from a cousin that she would get three wishes if she ever found a Genie.

The Genie said, 'Nope, sorry, three-wish genies nuh real, me is strictly a ONE-WISH Genie. So ... what yuh want?'

The woman didn't hesitate. She said, 'I want peace in the Middle East. See this map, I want these countries to stop fighting with each other and I want all the Arabs to love Jews and Americans and vice-versa. It will bring about world peace and harmony'.

The Genie looked at the map and exclaimed, 'Lawd Lady, A wah wrang wid yu? PLEASE BE REASONABLE! Dem countries yah a war fi how much thousands of years. Mi shut up inna dis bockle fi 'bout five hundred of dem dey years! Mi good but mi nuh dat good! Mi nuh know if mi can grant dis one. Do Lady, mek another wish!! Mi a beg yuh... Be reasonable.'

The woman thought for a minute and said, 'Well, I've never been able to find the right man... You know, one that is considerate and fun, likes to dance and helps with the cooking and house cleaning, is great in bed and is FAITHFUL. That's what I wish for ... a good man.

The Genie let out a long sigh, shook his head and said, 'Mek mi see di map again!!!!'


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