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Jamaican Country Doctor

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A Jamaican country doctor running a clinic in Mocho wanted to take a day off work to go into Kingston, so he called his dispenser to take over.

"Obediah, ah have to go to Kingston today, but ah want you to keep the clinic open; just in case any patients come in. Yuh tink you cyan handle it?"

"Yes, sah, yes sah!" answered Obediah, thrilled to be put in charge.

The following day, the doctor returned to work. He asked Obediah, "So how tings went yesterday?"

"I had was to treat t'ree patients," said Obie proudly.

"De fuss one seh 'im have a bad 'eadache, so mi give 'im two Tylenol."

"De second one seh 'im belly a hot him bad, bad, so mi give him some Maalox."

"Good work, good work," said the doctor, 'And what about di t'ird patient?"

"Well, sah, dis ooman bust through de door. And she tear off all she clothes sah! Me seh, every last piece of she clothes, sah. An' she jump up on the examination table, lie down and spread her legs dem.Den she shout out, "Help mi! Fi five years now mi nuh see any man!"

"Lawd, God man." exclaimed the doctor, "So what yuh do?"

"Mi put drops inna her eye dem sah!' replied Obie proudly.


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