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Jamaican & Trini - Look In De Freezer

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A Jamaican and a Trinidadian, waiting at the pearly gate, strike up a conversation.
How yu dead?" the Trinidadian man asked the Jamaican. "Me freeze to death man," says the Jamaican. "That's awful, how it feel fi freeze to death?" asked the Trinidadian. "Well bredda it very uncomfortable at first, when de cold jus lick yu, yu whole body start fi shake an' you get pain inna yu finga an' toe. But eventually, it a very calm way fi dead. Yu get numb an' den yu; jus drift off, like when yu' sleeping."

"How yu dead man?" asked the Jamaican. "I have heart attack", says the Trinidadian.
"Yu see, me did know say mi wife was cheating pon mi, so one day mi show up at home unexpectedly. Mi run up to de bedroom an' fine har alone, knitting. "Mi run down to de basement, but no one was hiding there. Mi run up to de
second floor, but no one was hiding there either. Mi run as fast as mi could to de attic, an' just as mi get there, mi had a massive heart attack an' dead."

The Jamaican man shakes his head. "That is so ironic," he says.
"What do you mean?" asks the Trinidadian. "If yu did just look inna de rah-tid freezer, de two of we would still be alive!"


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