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Straight A's Student

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Three people were in a parent teacher meeting; a white woman, a chiney and a Jamaican woman

The white women tun to the chiney and sey “See my daughter, she is straight A student, artistic and could be the
next Van Gogh”

To this the chiney replied “Oh, see my daughter, she is a straight A’s student and also very artistic; she could be the next Johann Sebastian Bach and a great scientist in the making. Who knows, She could find the cure for Aids".

The Jamaican said “Well my daughter has di top ten average in this country. She is athletic, she can be the next Merlene Ottey, she is a great scientist, maybe she can find the cure fi canca, and she is also artistic, she can be the next Michael Angelo or Mozart."

The chiney and white woman tun to him ah sey “wow!!! how does she do it”

“well she has great inspiration from me" said the Jamaican woman.

“I should think so” the white woman replied.

“That’s great" the chiney replied, “but how do you go about this”?

“Well its simple psychology really ... if she walk through mi door with a failing grade, as sure as di the canca inna Bob Marley likkle toe she know mi a go bus har rass”!

Thanks to "Jody-Fra dung a Spaldings" for sharing this joke with us.


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