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Three Times Pon The Grass

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Once there was a prostitute who had three different rates based on the following three conditions:

1) $100.00 to do it on the grass.
2) $200.00 to do it on a couch.
3) $300.00 to do it in the bed.

In the morning a British bloke walks in and slaps a $100 note on the table. So they went out and did it on the grass.

Soon, an American fellow walks in and slaps a $200 note on the table. So they head for the couch and did it there.

About the end of the day, a Jamaican man walks in and slaps $300 on the table. Happy from seeing the money the prostitute says, "Wow,...you have class".

The Jamaican responds, "Class mi rass ... three times pon the grass."


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